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We improve the performance rate of organizations by helping them with smart third-party software which will optimize the rate of productivity.

28 VIEWS Technologies is a customer-focused, service-oriented developer and producer of advanced user interactive third-party software for the global marketplace. We are committed to continuous innovation through research and product development to create and deliver products that enable our customers to improve the performance and value of their products.

Our vision reflects the meaning of the number 28: balance, teamwork, harmony, and partnership.

Giving each person a sense of worth by giving them an opportunity to take a hold of their dreams and goals turning ordinary day-to-day folks from employer ready to employer competitiveness.

28 VIEWS is defined by innovation and our desire to improve the way the world works and learns. And we’re defined by our clients, who say that 28 VIEWS has helped them discover new ideas, new ways of learning, and new ways of collaborating.


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Optimizing your workflow

Whether you are a client or an outside provider, we adapt the services we offer to how you work.

We don't simply want to be unique; we also aim to be the best as we position ourselves in the scheme of things. The symbolic meaning of the number 28 is reflected.


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engineering and global maintenance support.

Green Lantern - IT Services

Green Lantern is a collection of our IT services that brings to light customers' implementable...

Networking Services

Our network experts at 28 Views provide enterprise-scale support for multi-point WAN networks...

Website Development

We build websites, and eCommerce platforms, all through a blazing drive to constantly improve...

Private Ryan - Privacy/PCI/IP Compliance

Private Ryan is a service under 28 Views in which Our seasoned Privacy analysts that help review...

Hawkeye - Security Services

Hawkeye provides a secure identity management service by our experts who would serve...

Sherlock - Security Consultant and Security Tool Advisory

Our licensed experts at 28 Views help access a client's present security posture...

Business Registration Services

Our thorough business registration services are intended to help you, whether you're a startup or...

Notary Public Services

We guarantee the validity and legality of a variety of papers by providing assurance and certification...

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