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We cover both fundamental and advanced subjects relating to system administration, networking, and information security in our interactive exercises, which are based on real-world scenarios.

The Masterclass: Learn Cybersecurity

About the course

The cybersecurity training program aims to give participants the fundamental information and useful skills they need to protect digital assets and lessen security risks. This course covers everything from secure network setups to threat analysis and is your first step toward a promising future in cybersecurity.


Work your way through an organized learning path.

Security Fundamentals

Learn to think like a cybersecurity professional by identifying threats and minimizing risks. Examine security through the lenses of governance, risk, and compliance from an organizational standpoint. Recognize the effects security measures have on a company and its personnel.

System Administration

Administration of Windows and Linux systems. practical knowledge of using the command line and common commands found in IT professions. Harden servers against malicious assaults and perform configuration and auditing. using PowerShell and Bash for programming.

Networks and Network Security

Network configuration, design, protocols, and data communication. Network security, cryptography, and cloud virtualization and security. Project 1 involving the deployment of an ELK monitoring stack.

Offensive Security

Databases, web apps, and the hardening and vulnerabilities they are related to. Penetration testing for Windows and Linux utilizing programs like Nessus and Metasploit.

Defensive Security

SIEM with Splunk. Setting up security monitoring, alerts, dashboards, and custom reports. Using forensic tools to recover deleted data. Project 2 involving attacking and monitoring vulnerable VMs as pen testers and SOC analysts.

Review and Final Project

Certification prep and review. Interviewing and career prep practice. Final project involving penetration assessment of a vulnerable web application, dashboard creation, and live traffic analysis.

The interactive learning platform

Hands-on Learning

Participants receive practical, real-world experience recognizing and reducing security risks. Participants acquire the abilities and knowledge required to defend systems and data from cyberattacks through interactive activities and simulations.”


Meet the


of the course

Andrew has a master’s degree in cybersecurity from the University of California, Berkeley, and a certification from Harvard VPL rounds out the qualifications.
He has consulted for firms such as Ernst & Young, BMO, Adobe, Deloitte, Centene, Amazon, and Tesla, to name a few.

He is an expert in threat modeling, identity and access management, risk and security analysis, and threat hunting.

Cybersecurity Masterclass Reviews

Working with Dr Drew in the Cybersecurity Master class changed the trajectory of my career. The cybersecurity masterclass helped me leave a job I hated doing, to a remote 6 figure job I am enjoying every day. I stuck to the Masterclass script and stayed tenacious like we were taught in the program. I am not very technical, so I stuck with the compliance space in GRC. I have had the opportunity to work with companies like Deloitte and Adobe since leaving the cybersecurity masterclass. The Cybersecurity Masterclass is a must!!

Pamela O.

I am not much of a talker, but I will talk about the cybersecurity masterclass, Dr. Drew, and his crew. They are amazing. The class and Dr. Drew gave me a new perspective on how I communicate my values. I remember when you introduced 28Views Masterclass to me and how inexperienced I was, but I learned a lot while being by your side, and today I’m giving my first Ted talk in SSDLC in about 4 hours! I was thinking about my journey, and it definitely started with you 🙏🏽. I have had the opportunity to work with ServiceNow and school districts in the North Bay. I am super excited to be coming back to the masterclass as an instructor taking SSDL (Secure Software Development Lifecycle) Don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

CJ jr H.

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