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Cybersecurity Masterclass

"Unlock the secret to information security."

Hands-on Learning

Participants gain hands-on, practical experience identifying and mitigating security issues in the real world. Through interactive exercises and simulations, participants gain the skills and information necessary to protect systems and data from cyberattacks.”

Accommodating Diverse Skill Levels

The Cybersecurity Masterclass is structured to meet the needs of a range of skill levels, guaranteeing an insightful education for all participants:

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Make sure you take advantage of this chance. Give yourself the information and abilities necessary to successfully navigate the always-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity Masterclass Reviews

Working with Dr Drew in the Cybersecurity Master class changed the trajectory of my career. The cybersecurity masterclass helped me leave a job I hated doing, to a remote 6 figure job I am enjoying every day. I stuck to the Masterclass script and stayed tenacious like we were taught in the program. I am not very technical, so I stuck with the compliance space in GRC. I have had the opportunity to work with companies like Deloitte and Adobe since leaving the cybersecurity masterclass. The Cybersecurity Masterclass is a must!!

Pamela O.

I am not much of a talker, but I will talk about the cybersecurity masterclass, Dr. Drew, and his crew. They are amazing. The class and Dr. Drew gave me a new perspective on how I communicate my values. I remember when you introduced 28Views Masterclass to me and how inexperienced I was, but I learned a lot while being by your side, and today I’m giving my first Ted talk in SSDLC in about 4 hours! I was thinking about my journey, and it definitely started with you 🙏🏽. I have had the opportunity to work with ServiceNow and school districts in the North Bay. I am super excited to be coming back to the masterclass as an instructor taking SSDL (Secure Software Development Lifecycle) Don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

CJ jr H.

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