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Andrew has a master’s degree in cybersecurity from the University of California, Berkeley, a certification from Harvard VPL, and several industry-recognized certifications among his qualifications.
He has consulted for firms such as Ernst & Young, BMO, Adobe, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte, Centene, Amazon, and Tesla, to name a few.
He is an expert in threat modeling, identity and access management, risk and security analysis (GRC), and threat modeling.

A proactive, ambitious and result oriented IT Professional with around 5 years of experience in  Security domain in both service and product-based companies. He is an experienced cybersecurity professional with knowledge and understanding of SOC, Network Security & Incident Response. Experienced in Identity Access Management (IAM). B.Tech in CSE from India and PGD in Information Security from Ireland.

Prof. Kelvin is an accomplished DevOps expert with more than eight years of experience, with a focus on cloud computing and infrastructure automation across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, nonprofits, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

Having graduated from prestigious universities in the UK and Canada with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, he is an expert in a variety of DevOps technologies that help businesses communicate effectively between technical and non-technical domains, optimize operations, and reduce costs.

Prof. Kelvin, who is currently working as a consultant for startups, is passionate about the tech sector and is dedicated to helping aspiring computer engineers. He leverages his more than two years of valuable teaching expertise to help students achieve their career objectives.